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  • Want to increase your monthly cashflow.
  • Want a results centered plan.
  • Want additional income without set time restraints.
  • Want to use industry strategies to maximize returns.
  • Want to succeed regardless of market conditions.
  • Want to get the most out of your IRA or 401k.

About the Event

This free, live event is not just about teaching you to better build your financial future, it is about teaching and enabling couples to invest together and develop a well-rounded team. Our educators and trainers are providing couples with tools they can use to succeed financially, and do so together.

Using strategies proven to yield a return on investment, this event provides you and your partner with equal education so that you not only excel, but that you do so as a couple. Each person aiming to invest brings with them a unique set of skills and ideals, and understanding this, we want to show you how those can be brought together as a unit to create a successful team of investors within your own relationship!

This event marks the beginning of your path toward a financial future that is sound and secure, with you gaining knowledge and guidance that can make that happen. Through attending this event, you gain access to a variety of investment information and opportunities that will enable you to go forward in confidence to see success in your joint investments.

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At this live event, you will learn how to:

  • Learn investment strategies that can be used when the market goes up, down, or even sideways!
  • How to turn a struggling IRA or 401K retirement account into a wealth building tool!
  • How to prepare for retirement using 7 strategies to reduce financial risk!
  • How to find Income Properties you can flip quickly!
  • How to get a hold of pre-market and tax deed auction properties and turn them into cash!

Investing as a couple allows you to:

  • Bring two investing perspectives together
  • Find joint satisfaction in monetary decisions
  • Create equal say and interest in your investments
  • Establish balanced financial goals
  • Further build a financial future together


Why is this event for you?

In a world where making financial decisions are some of the most important moments of your life, we want to help you overcome much of the stress and uneasiness that can come with them by showing you how to invest jointly with a partner. Your own partner!

Learning to better work together as a financial team has the potential to help improve the state of your finances, as well as create a stronger relationship between you and your partner. As you further understand one another’s financial goals and aspirations, it’s likely that you’ll be better able to help one another achieve them. Attending this event can help you further develop these joint skills as you learn as a unit.

Financial misunderstandings can happen, but being educated on investing and how to best plan for your future can give you both an edge that allows you to overcome obstacles as you both keep in mind the possibility of a financial future that is safe and secure. Our team is here to help you and your partner better understand each other’s financial goals and dreams, and provide you with the tools and strategies you can use to achieve them hand in hand.

Working together provides an opportunity to bring two minds together, driven toward a single goal. And with our help, and with each other, you could make it happen!